Most recent fridge door openings
Date Time Duration (sec)
28-Jul-2017 12:24:59 00h 00m 07s
28-Jul-2017 12:22:51 00h 00m 10s
28-Jul-2017 12:20:17 00h 00m 04s
28-Jul-2017 11:55:38 00h 00m 04s
28-Jul-2017 11:55:18 00h 00m 09s
28-Jul-2017 11:53:38 00h 00m 05s
28-Jul-2017 07:10:30 00h 00m 03s
28-Jul-2017 06:55:52 00h 00m 03s


Depending on changing cooking habits, vacations etc the yearly outcome can be very different each year.. 

And the graphic below pretty much shows the daily pattern..