System monitoring

Most of the system here runs on Raspberry PI's and native IP devices (like internet connected radio's and a TV with an IP connection). Besides logging human activity the system also keeps track of itself (temperatures, CPU & memory usage etc). 

RaspberryLast readingCurrent temperatureLowest temp.Highest temp.
Attic Raspberry CPU28-Jul-2017 14:27:2853.5028.2060.54
Databaseserver28-Jul-2017 14:28:500.000.0012.00
Garage Raspberry CPU28-Jul-2017 14:25:5448.7024.1261.68
Livingroom Raspberry CPU28-Jul-2017 14:29:2243.3031.7453.27
Raspberry Babyroom28-Jul-2017 14:29:2737.900.0039.71
Raspberry Doorbell CPU28-Jul-2017 14:25:1342.2034.3445.48
Study Raspberry CPU28-Jul-2017 14:29:0360.7026.1082.92
Utility Closet Raspberry CPU28-Jul-2017 14:25:2958.4047.9461.89