Recent usage multimedia devices

Device Date Time Duration last use Total use duration Total # times used
TV 24-May-2019 21:36:35 02h 51m 33s 838h 59m 59s 3714
Playstation 27-Mar-2019 19:39:57 00h 37m 51s 186h 54m 26s 318
Soundtouch Livingroom 24-May-2019 18:44:39 00h 49m 17s 838h 59m 59s 2195
Soundtouch bedroom 24-May-2019 21:46:59 00h 10m 51s 409h 56m 13s 1063

TV usage per hour of the day

PS4 usage per hour of the day

TV usage per weekday

As you can see sunday is the most popular day here to be lazy, lay on the couch and watch tv!

Playstation usage per weekday

Last 10 played spotify songs

Date Time Artist Song
25-May-2019 08:53:01 Savage Garden Crash and Burn
25-May-2019 08:49:00 Robbie Williams Shes Madonna
25-May-2019 08:46:00 Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting
25-May-2019 08:42:00 Karen Ramirez Looking For Love
25-May-2019 08:37:00 ABC The Night You Murdered Love
25-May-2019 08:33:01 Fleetwood Mac Big Love
25-May-2019 08:30:00 Jolyon Petch Another Universe - Radio Edit
25-May-2019 08:27:00 Armin van Buuren Sunny Days
25-May-2019 08:24:01 Wulf Switching Gears
25-May-2019 08:20:00 Gloria Estefan 1-2-3

Livingroom soundtouch usage

Bedroom sountouch usage

All time favorite spotify songs

# of times played Artist Song
182 Savage Garden I Want You
150 a-ha The Living Daylights
142 Bliss Kissing
140 ABC The Night You Murdered Love
132 a-ha The Sun Always Shines On TV - 2016 Remastered
130 Wax Right Between the Eyes
130 Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up
127 John Mayer Stop This Train
126 Pet Shop Boys Domino Dancing
124 Roxette The Look

As you can see from the top 10 the music from the 80’s is pretty big here!


Like any household there is quite a bit of multimedia here. A Samsung tv, a Playstation 4 and 2 Bose Soundtouch Spotify players are monitored. Since all these devices are IP bases usually just pinging them tells me wether or not they are on or off. The Bose Soundtouch has a telnet internet from where I can get information.