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28-11-202201:11:32Imac in the study switched offHuman
28-11-202201:11:32iMac 2nd screen switched offHuman
28-11-202201:10:20Imac in the study switched onHuman
27-11-202221:34:27iMac 2nd screen switched offHuman
27-11-202221:34:26Imac in the study switched offHuman
27-11-202221:31:18TV livingroom switched offHuman
27-11-202221:31:04Alexa: Activate go to bed programHuman
27-11-202220:03:57Freezer Kitchen openedHuman
27-11-202219:54:33Freezer Kitchen openedHuman
27-11-202219:45:07Freezer Kitchen openedHuman
27-11-202219:17:42TV livingroom switched onHuman
27-11-202219:08:19Imac in the study switched onHuman
27-11-202218:26:09TV livingroom switched offHuman
27-11-202218:13:45Soundtouch livingroom offHuman
27-11-202218:11:13Backdoor openedHuman