Babyroom monitoring

Does our baby sleep more restless during a full moon? How much does he move during the night and what are his patterns? To answer these questions I installed a raspberry in the babyroom with a motion and soundsensor. Every time the baby makes a sound or moves his head it's logged by the raspberry and send to a central database. From this data (combined with other data I already have from other sensors) I can create charts. During the night you often see a pattern. He moves his head a bit for about 30 mins, then lays still for a while.
This process repeats itself every 30 mins but with more intensity. Eventually he will wake up, cry and we will remove the baby from his bed (feeding/cleaning). The chart below shows this whole process in a graphical way. 

The chart explained

Babyroom activity last night

How did the baby do the last 14 days?

This chart shows how the last 14 nights (between midnight and 6am) went. While slowly increasing motion leads to crying eventually, the total amount of motion during the night seems to have little relation with the amount of crying. In other words.. if the baby moves a lot at night it doesn’t mean it also cried a lot. 

Babyroom temperature

Using a Philips hue motionsensor I read the temperature of the babyroom every minute to make sure everything is at comfortable levels. 

The hardware

The babyroom data is collected by using a Raspberry PI model 2b using a PIR motion sensor and a soundsensor. The data from the motion and soundsensor are written to a mysql database. The charts are created using google charts. 

Motionsensor tied to the baby’s bed.