The doorbell is one of the oldest devices I connected to my system since 1998. Ringing the doorbell does trigger a whole range of scripts from sending me an email with the person’s photo and making my hue and nanoleaf flash when I am home. 

Last doorbell rings

Date Time
21-May-2022 11:56:05
20-May-2022 13:07:02
20-May-2022 13:05:06
19-May-2022 17:29:04
19-May-2022 16:02:16

Rings per month

December seems to be the busiest month because of parcel christmas deliveries!

Rings per weekday

Doorbell rings per hour

It’s odd but true.. between 11am and 12am people avoid my frontdoor!

Doorbell rings per year

1999 is when the doorbell peaked living above the car dealer. From 2000 - 2014 I lived in a very quiet residential area. Mid 2015 I moved to a newly built area with more on the door sales and since then the doorbell is more busy again!

Doorbell trivia

The doorbell was hooked up on 20-Jun-1998 and since then it rang 3058 times.