Many rooms in the house have a temperature/daylight sensor.  Some sensors are homemade and powered by a raspberry PI. I also started using Hue a few years ago and the hue motionsensors can not only detect motion but also temperature and lightlevels (read more about this in my blog). All the data from these sensors is combined into a temperature database. 

Current readings

Location Temp Humidity
Attic (hue) 22.42 °c n/a
Babyroom (hue) 21.43 °c n/a
Bathroom (hue) 21.49 °c n/a
Bedroom (hue) 21.19 °c n/a
Garage 21.10 °c 60%
Garage (hue) 17.59 °c n/a
Garden (hue) 19.17 °c n/a
Hallway downstairs (hue) 21.79 °c n/a
Hallway upstairs (hue) 21.27 °c n/a
Kitchen (hue) 21.98 °c n/a
livingroom (hue) 20.18 °c n/a
Outdoor 17.68 °c 63%
Outdoor (hue) NULL °c n/a
stairs (down) (hue) 20.21 °c n/a

Temperature last 28 days

Air humidity last 28 days

Windspeed last 3 days

Windspeed last 6 hours

Airpressure last 28 days


Using Hue Motionsensors I record the lightlevels in the house. You can read more about how I use Hue for this in my blog!