The toilet was originally connected using a wire from the flush button to my computer. For the last couple of years it has been connected using a wireless 433mhz transmitter. The toilet page is the most frequently visited page on Icepick.com!

Last toilet flushes

Date Time
22-Jan-2022 21:27:37
22-Jan-2022 16:33:30
22-Jan-2022 16:32:27
22-Jan-2022 16:31:40
22-Jan-2022 14:51:25

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Toilet trivia

The toilet was hooked up on 12-Sep-1998 and since then it was flushed 73677 times. The toilet gets flushed 8.6 times per day on average. The total water consumption since 1998 equals 0.23 olympic swimmingpools. In todays money this equals €741.96 . A human could have lived on this water for 193218 days.